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Google Maps SEO Is absolutely necessary for local businesses! You need it to fully leverage your local market’s traffic opportunities and your business must stand out at the top of the local maps.
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Local Maps Search Engine Ranking

To fully leverage your local market’s traffic opportunities, your business must stand out at the top of the local maps. Business owners are often confused about Google Maps SEO services because they believe that they are already listed in the maps. They are, you can Google their business name and their business appears in the top position. But, your potential clients don’t know your business name… if they did, they would just contact you directly.

Your Google account / Google Maps listing needs to be optimized for keyword phrases that are relevant to your niche offerings. We position our local SEO clients for groups of up to 20 relevant keyword phrases relating to their niches. Take our free local Google maps SEO training to learn more, and then hire the team from our SEO Company to maximize your local visibility on the internet.

What is Google My Business SEO?

Google My Business (GMB) is technically a directory, but it is a local traffic driving powerhouse. If your business has not claimed its My Business page then you should do so ASAP. GMB is free and when properly optimized like we teach in the training you can access above, you will get some great exposure by being optimized enough to rank in the local maps three-pack. It is highly recommended for dispensaries, auto dealers, real estate offices, hotels, and many other businesses are highly recommended to use GMB.

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How to Rank in Google Maps?

Visit to setup your GMB page. Or, if you want to ensure that it is done properly, use the form below to have us do it for you. Setting up GMB involves a verification process: Google will mail a postcard with the unique PIN to the physical location you indicated in the registration.

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How to Verify Google My Business?

Keep in mind that you cannot use a P.O. box… it has to be a verifiable physical address. If you don’t have a physical address that you want the general public to see, we teach you in the training how to serve an area while keeping your address private. Once the postcard arrives, you just need to log in to GMB and verify your listing using the pin number sent to you.

The pin verification process is required because Google needs to confirm a  physical location is real, and for security/privacy purposes you need to display that you have GMB administration privileges. According to GMB’s terms of service, the business owner is the only person who is supposed to register a GMB listing page. If you choose to work with a digital marketing agency like Sapid then you have the option to give us permission to manage your GMB listing. This way you will always be in ultimate control.

Are You Wondering "How do I Optimize My Google Maps Listing for Ranking?"

We completely cover this process in the training that you can access above… To have your GMB listing be displayed, the minimum you will need to do is to add a description, categories, pictures, business hours, videos, types of payments accepted, etc. You also want to make sure to upload your logo and consider having a Google-certified photographer take internal photos of your business.

Keep in mind that these are the minimum requirements. We fully cover what is needed in the training videos, but if you are in a competitive market, location like NYC SEO, LA SEO, Sacramento SEO, Portland SEO, Las Vegas SEO  or other location, then you’re going to need some additional service to effectively rank your business for relevant keyword phrases and then verify using a Google Map ranking checker and/or the Google Search Console. If your business focuses upon a national or global target market, then you need SEO services that will rank your site at the top of Google search results.

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Frequently Asked Questions

GMB Listing Tips to Maximize Local Maps Exposure

Google Maps SEO requires a proper setup:
  1. Choose the correct categories.
  2. Select relevant categories to your business offerings. Real physical address in target city.
  3. Do the addresses and phone numbers match what is listed on the website?
  4. Do other websites verify your business location and phone number?
  5. Does your website rank? Your associated business website should be optimized also.
  6. How long has your business website been live?
  7. Are their quality backlinks connected to your site?
  8. Is your Google+ page verified?
  9. Is your targeted city mentioned in the headers and/or titles?
  10. How close is your business to the targeted city?
  11. Do you have reviews on your GMB listing?
  12. Are your product/service keywords included in the business title?
  13. Do you have backlinks from geographic-relevant websites?

Avoid These Google Maps Optimization Mistakes

1. Fix or remove false listings. Both Google and users can report listings as false.
2. Avoid keyword stuffing in the business name area. Add 1-2 keywords max.
3. Don’t use more than 3 categories.
4. Make sure your business category is correct.
5. Don’t have multiple locations with the same address and different titles unless they are really separate businesses.
6. Make sure the address is the same as that displayed on the website.
7. Make sure the business name and phone number are the same on other websites.
8. Avoid doing anything that would report a violation of GMB terms.
9. Make sure there are no virus threats, malware or hacks on your linked-to website.
14. Don’t put a map marker in a location that isn’t associated with your business.

What Is GMB SEO Optimization?

What is Google Maps SEO optimization? It is an internet marketing strategy that focuses on building a good reputation by optimizing a local business listing in the local search results for Google Maps business listings.

What is Google Maps?

Google Maps is essentially a database of geographic locations with software that allows the user to compute distances, travel routes, view location reviews and many other features regarding local businesses.


How to Put Your Business on Google Maps?

There are many benefits associated with the use of a GMB listing for local Google Maps SEO. When a company uses GMB SEO marketing, they are able to reach people in their local market. If you want your local business information to be seen in the local search results by someone in a specific neighborhood, then you need to use a Google Maps listing.


List your Business on Google for Maximum Local SEO Results

Google business optimization strategy is extremely effective when promoting a product or service that is available in your local area because Google Maps listings currently appear beneath Google AdWords local search ads and above Google's organic search results. Google reviews are driving more local searches and making other local directories less relevant. Potential customers for a local business are searching on their computer or mobile device want to see positive reviews about the top Google maps rankings for target keywords before deciding where to do business.

When it comes to understanding the local intent of a local audience relevant to a business Google has really cornered the market. Google Maps displays the local search engine results that help customers find local businesses, and then the right business listing that is relevant to what potential customers want.


It is important to leverage the authority that Google Maps has on a business listing.

When it comes to understanding the local intent of a local audience relevant to a business Google has really cornered the market. Google Maps displays the local search engine results that help customers find local businesses, and then the right business listing that is relevant to what potential customers want.

Local Google Maps SEO strategies to help your website perform well in the organic search results. Organic search results are those where Google and other search engines do not use any human algorithms. These searches result from natural user behavior like the links that appear in the search results for a given query. The higher the rank of these websites, the more popular they become. This popularity translates to traffic and revenue since people will click on the links to visit your site and/or make a sale.


It is Easy to Put your Business on Google Maps but You Need Local SEO Services for Competitive Markets

Learning how to rank in Google Maps is the key to increase your website traffic and get ahead of the competition. While Google doesn't exactly say they utilize positive reviews and clicks on placements according to their algorithms, they do state that they employ reviews and high ratings from other customers when they explain how to rank in Google Maps. Now, if a company doesn't have an active campaign for improving and making positive reviews, then it's also possible that over time, rankings might plummet, along with those leads. This is why it is so important to understand how to rank in Google Maps. You can learn how to rank in Google Maps by following the training information available on this page, or we can do your Google Maps SEO for you.

When you are listed in Google's primary category, such as local, you will begin to see traffic in Google Analytics based on these listings. However, this will only be true if your primary location is one location. If you have multiple locations, even within the same city or state, then you will only show in Google's search results within that city or state. The most important thing you can do is build a targeted list of small business owners within each city or state you target.


To Rank in the Local Map Pack You Need an Agency That Offers Google Listing Services & Google SEO Services

There are several small business Google Maps SEO firms that focus specifically on small businesses in various cities and towns across the country. Many of the Google Maps SEO firms focus on building local Google Maps SEO rankings. However, some Google Maps SEO services also offer nationwide search engine optimization as well. In order to learn how to rank in Google Maps for local search, you need to find a reputable Google Maps SEO firm that offers this service. To find a reputable Google Maps SEO firm that specializes in nationally ranked small business search, there are several things to look for.

You should request documents from a Google Maps SEO firm that focuses on nationally ranked search results. Ask for a copy of their portfolio that shows examples of their work. You should also ask for specific examples of their off-page and on-page optimization strategies. The quality of an SEO firm's in-bound and off-page strategies are very important to helping your business optimize local rankings and improve its online reputation.


For Local Online Visibility You Need More than just Listing a Business on Google - You Need a Google Business Search Optimization Company

Once you have found a credible Google Maps SEO company that focuses on nationally ranked search results, you need to create one or more backlinks from trusted websites in each of the primary categories. Backlinks are links from other websites that direct users to your own site. A credible Google Maps SEO company will ensure that all backlinks are coming from valid and high quality sites with content related to the topics of your website. These backlinks will be vital to improving your rankings in Google Maps. For example, if one of your backlinks is from a gambling site, but you have an article on dog training, Google will not take your link seriously and may consider it as a spam link.

The final step in how to rank in Google Maps is submitting your site's Google Places business data to the search engine optimization company. Place your data into the "Business Data" section. Next, click the "Submit" link. An automatic link to your website will be generated. This process should be done for all of your websites.

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